Laptops Under 400 Dollars for Teens

September 27, 2012


Finding a laptop for your teen can be daunting. Let’s face it, the chances are they probably no more about computers than you do , but his article but just help get you somewhat up to speed with the latest trends. Your teen needs a laptop for school , work , general tasks and porn. This is a fact of life. Luckily you don’t need to fork out huge amount of money to make this a reality for your child. There are numerous laptops under 3000-400 dollars on the market today that are more than adequate for most teenagers needs. Naturally if you do have the cash then you might want to look on the higher end of the market but for the best part this won’t be an issue. After all there is always a good chance your kid is going to break it or get it stolen, so rather let them mature a bit before forking out the big bucks.

In terms of specs for your kids laptop you need to look at  a few things. This first thing is the CPU which controls the main processing speed of the PC. The ones to look our for are i3 and i% ideally, although in this price bracket Core Duo or just regular Dual Core’s are also acceptable. RAM is the next component to be mindful of. You need to look for around 2-4 GB of RAM at least to make sure that whole your kid is surfing the internet and watching porn he can also multitask an do his homework at the same time without his laptop chugging out like a fat woman running a 50KM marathon. This analogy may seem harsh but computers have feelings too you know.

All in all it is a simple fact of life that your teen is going to want and need a laptop in today’s day and age. Instead of spoiling the little run with too much of your hard earned money the bargain route is one that will keep them happy without compromising your pocket too much.