Finding Gaming Laptops Under 400 Dollars

October 1, 2012


Gaming-laptopFinding a decent gaming laptops under 400 dollars in no easy task. It takes a lot of skill navigating your way around the internet in order to make sure that the machine you are investing in can handle the heat. Most laptops under 400 dollars are not fast enough for serious gaming.  In order to find a laptop that can truly perform you need to put in the research which can be a chore and heavily time consuming. For noob users this problem is compounded as even with enough time and effort they may simply not be clued up enough on the technical side of things to make the right decisions. Luckily there are resources available online that can assist in your journey for the ultimate budget gaming laptop. These have been put together after hours of research by seasoned vets in the online retailing world.

The first thing to remember when getting a cheap gaming laptop is that you need to know the specs and the underlying tech before you can do anything. There are a few main factors that influence your PC’s speed and these are what define everything from the ground up. There are other factors involved obviously, such as screen size and build quality, but for gaming what you are really after is raw power. unfortunately in the budget laptop market finding enough power can be a serious hassle. You will need at least a dual core or core 2 duo processor, 2-4 GB of RAM , and some sort of Nvidia or Radeon graphics card. You can use guides such from sites such as LaptopNinja for reviews on laptops under $400 to check the specs on lots of laptops at once. This may sound pretty straightforward but considering the price bracket a lot of laptops simply won’t make the cut. Luckily though there are always some real gems out there that can make up for the deficit and allow you to explore the world of gaming without putting a dent in your pocket.